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The Timetravellers Guide to Tudor London - Narayan, N.


Gardners Books Ltd

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The Timetravellers Guide to Tudor London  - Narayan, N.

Popis The Timetravellers Guide to Tudor London - Narayan, N.

One of a series of books that will transport the reader to different eras of London's history. You will experience the sights (some pretty, most ugly), the smells (some fragrant, most offensive) and lives (some successful, most tragic) of its inhabitants through the ages. All contain quizzes and other interactive features, plus listings of relevant places to visit and things to do, and will prove both highly entertaining for their readers and invaluable for schools. Here are just some of the topics that this book will cover: The Elizabethan underworld - spies and secret agents; A day in the life of a Thames waterman (Tudor cabbie); Hanging, drawing and quartering - the Tudors' delight; Tudor food - from the court to the slums; Execution hotspots; Life on the dockside; Bloody Mary's witch dilemma - to hang or to burn, that is the question; Going out - the new theatres, bear baiting, cock and bull fighting; How to play religious musical chairs; How to play Elizabethan football A trip back to Tudor London is to experience all the contrasts of the period - the wealth and poverty, the opulence and misery. With letters, diaries, death warrants, poems, days in the lives of Tudor children, rich and poor, and a guide to the impossibly dark and dangerous streets of the city.


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