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Piping Databook - Nayyar, M.



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Piping Databook - Nayyar, M.

Popis Piping Databook - Nayyar, M.

This book is your quick key to time- and $-saving pipe and fitting data. Throw out that pile of catalogs, journals, manuals, and battered textbooks. Get ready for a clean desk and tons less aggravation because the answers you used to dig for are right here. Whether it´s the thermal conductivity of insulation materials or a conversion factor for viscosity, sizes and types of metallic or nonmetallic pipe or fitting dimensions, manufacturers´ names or that elusive bit of terminology, the Piping Databook will spare you hours of frustrating fact-hunting.It´s packed with material that mechanical, chemical, process, and civil engineers, architects, facility managers, installers and operators, HVAC personnel, and other professionals use in designing, planning, specifying, ordering, and problem-solving every day. Look inside to see how much easier it can be to: specify pipe and components with cost-cutting comparisons of design criteria; design systems for new uses with easy-to-find equations, tabular product data, photos, U.S. and international codes and standards; select and specify domestic or international materials for piping elements to save time and cost; do quick conversions with metric and other fast-lookup tables and charts; use tables presented with both customary and metric units; find all major manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, installers, and testing companies at a glance for the part or system you need; and, see illustrations of pipes, fittings, parts, and piping speciality items before you order. Look inside to see how much easier it can be to: select and specify insulation material and the insulation thickness without making time-consuming calculations; find types of pipe supports and hangers; select support spans for metallic and nonmetallic piping systems; discover innovations in products, applications, and procedures; find abbreviations, acronyms, terminology, professional organizations, computer programs, and so much more. The name Nayyar practically equals piping. And this new resource from the Editor-in-Chief and an author of the field´s best-selling, Piping Handbook proves it. Mohinder Nayyar´s Piping Databook can save you hundreds of work hours and your company thousands of dollars. It´s the one guide that puts all the practical answers close at hand.


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