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Oxford Student Twinpack 1st Ed.


Oxford University Press

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Oxford Student Twinpack 1st Ed.

Popis Oxford Student Twinpack 1st Ed.

A special combination pack of the Compact Oxford English Dictionary for Students, and the Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students. The Compact Oxford English Dictionary for Students is a paperback dictionary, created especially for university and college students. It offers comprehensive coverage of current English and is perfect for student reference and everyday study needs. A simple defining style, and a colour layout, ensure the dictionary text is accessible. The new Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students has a similar easy-to-use style, with the most useful and common synonyms placed first, and throughout the thesaurus text there are notes giving advice on commonly confused words such as empathy/sympathy, and affect/effect. It has been especially targeted to help students write and study more effectively. The layout is designed to be clear and aesthetically pleasing, making this thesaurus as attractive as its companion volume. Each title features a centre section with information on how to write well, how to use a thesaurus, and how to avoid common mistakes in language. There are also Online Resource Centres to complement both dictionary and thesaurus, with even more tips and advice. Both titles have been market-tested with both teachers and students to ensure that they meet the needs of students. Together the two volumes provide the essential compact English language reference for any student who wants to write effectively and with confide....


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